Gravity Falls follows the "Mystery Twins," Mabel and Dipper, as they try to uncover and untangle the secrets that surround their summer home. Of course running amuck in a supernaturally infested town can lead to some weird and wacky situations.

Like Mabel hallucinating a flying dolphin, with two mouths and human appendages, after having ingested too much Smile Dip. Or when Soos dresses up as the Question Baby.

Those are my favorites, but we want to know what YOURS are! With two seasons to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Feel free to share the weirdest, wackiest, all around funniest moments from Gravity Falls.

Gifs are sooo encouraged!! Here are a few examples:

This is during the 9th episode in Season 2 when Mabel tries to buy a love potion from the Love God and he gets a bit distracted...

Or how about the creepy crawling stag trophy from Episode 11?
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